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Welcome to Lumee Cosmetics

 We are a proudly New Zealand owned company specialising in beautifully crafted New Zealand made makeup.
At Lumee Cosmetics our makeup is packed with skin loving ingredients and are formulated to enhance your skin, enlighten your glow and to make you look and feel amazing from the inside out. Our products are created with only the highest quality ingredients to help you create a truly glowing and healthy complexion.
Lumee is committed to help women discover their own inner and outer beauty with photo true cosmetic products that help build your self-esteem and self love. We promise to only use unedited images of real women wearing our makeup to show the true beauty of our products. 
We know beauty is more than just a pretty face or the right products. It's the confidence that comes with having a unique sparkle in your eye and a signature style to call your own. 
Express your beauty in a way that feels natural and unique, every day.
We promise to never compromise on the quality of our ingredients and to always create Vegan friendly, Cruelty free and Ethically sourced products so you can be the most radiant, glamorous version of yourself, without compromising your values.
Our products are inspired by nature: made with natural ingredients and proudly NZ made.